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Fabricated Thermocouple

Fabricated Thermocouple
Product name : Fabricated Thermocouple
Item : Pors-TC
Details :
◆ Summary
     Pors-TC series thermocouple are generally assembled by temperature sensing element, protective sheath, installtion fixtures and terminal box, matching with indicator, recorder, PC, and generally used to measure temperature of liquid, steam, gas and solid’s surface within range of 0℃ ~ 1300℃ in producing process.

◆ Working Principle
     Electrodes of the sensor are made of two thermal conductors with different material, when there is temperature differece between the measuring junction and the reference junction, thermoelectric potential will arise, the connected instrument will show the temperature value in correspondance to the thermoelectric potential.

◆ Features
     Simple assembly, convenient change;
     Press spring fixed temperature sensing element, good vibration-proof performance;
     Wide measuring range; 
     high mechanical strength, good pressure-proof capacity;

◆ Standard: The sensors are made complying with standard: IEC60584, JB/T9238-1999

◆ Measuring range and Tolerance
Variety Model Type I class II class
Tolerance Measuring range ℃ Tolerance Measuring range ℃
NiCr-Nisi TCK K ±1.5℃ -40~+375 ±2.5℃ -40~+333
±0.004ltl 375~1000 ±0.0075ltl 333~1200
NiCrSi-NiSi TCN N ±1.5℃  -40~+375  ±2.5℃  -40~+333
±0.004ltl  375~1000  0.0075ltl               333~1200
NiCr-CuNi TCE E ±1.5℃  -40~+375  ±2.5℃  -40~+333
±0.004ltl  375~800  ±0.0075ltl  333~900
Fe-CuNi TCJ J ±1.5℃  -40~+375  ±2.5℃  -40~+333
±0.004ltl  375~750  ±0.0075ltl  333~750
Cu-CuNi TCT T ±0.5℃  -40~+125  ±1.0℃  -40~+133
±0.004ltl  125~350  ±0.0075ltl  133~350
Note: t is temperature of the measured medium;

◆ Insulation resistance  (Normal temperature)
     In temperature of 20±15℃, related humidity is not more than 80%, tested voltage is 500±50V (DC), insulation resistance between electrode and external shetath is more than or equal to 1000MΩ.

◆ Connection mode
                Single element                                   Double element

◆ Terminal box mode

without fixture               water-proof             screw in              flange connection  
    flange                              tapered thermocouple                                flexible tube
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