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R100 3.5

R100 3.5
Product name : R100 3.5
Item : R100
Details :
Porstech paperless recorders integrate high reliability and stability (all channels are isolated from each other), have both card of USB (to transfer data) and SD (to get huge storage), support universal input (set via parameters); curve's color is customized, vertical curve and horizontal curve can be selected;

◆ Convenient data process mode
     USB card to transfer the data to PC, with our software, the data can be review, analysis;
     SD card to get huge storage; files are saved according to time, with our PC software, easy to review;
     RS232/RS485 communication realize real-time monitoring;
     Through RS232 terminal connect to micro-printer to get local printing.
◆ Multiple display type
     Abundant display mode: data, Bar graph, real time trend curve (vertical or horizontal), history trend curve (vertical or horizontal), function screen, parameters setting, alarm list…
     display color of each channel can be set independently;
◆ Agile data storage mode
     The memory space is dynamic accommodated; each channel has independent programmable record interval (1 second to 30 minutes), independently enable or disable;
     The recording data can be real-time value, min. value, max. value or equval value in the time slot of the recording interval;
     Recording adopt multiple files instead of one file, easy to indentify, and solved problem of one huge recording file not easy to review.
◆ High accuracy, low temperature drift, strong anti-interferec
     Adopt 24 digits high accuracy Σ - △ A/D IC, high performance photo-electrical isolated swtich;
     Aluminum sealed housing and inner isolated design;
     Recorders comply to EN61010-1:2001, EN61326-1:2006, EN61000-3-2:2006 and EN1000-3-3: 2008.

◆ Structure
     Installation: panel mounted (tilt: max. 30 degree backward)
     Panel thickness: 1~10mm
     Outline size: 100(w)*100(H)*123(D) mm
     Net weight: <0.8kg (mainbody)
◆ Power
     Voltage Range: 100~240VAC 
     Frequency: 50Hz
     Power consumption:≤10w (including the optional functions)
 ◆ Input  
     Number: max. 4
     Measuring period: 1s 
     Input type: RTD, thermocouple, standard current, voltage
 ◆ Display
     3.5" TFT color LCD, 320*240 matrix;
     Display group: 4
     Tag: 15 letters (digit)
     Unit: 7 letters (digit)
     Status display: name of the screen, status of PCB, alarm, USB card status, SD card status, cycle display status, time
     Display screen: measruing value display (data,bar graph, trend curve), history trend curve, information display (alarm, totalizer), function screen (data backup, printing)
     Curve display: vertical or horizontal,
     customized curve's color
     History curve: display the recorded data in inner memory, zoom out 1/2/4/8/16/32 times
     Refresh rate: 1s
◆ Alarm
     Number: max. 4 alarm / channel 
     Alarm type: high alarm, low alarm, incremental alarm, reduction alarm; 
     Alarm postponing: set via parameter, 
     all alarms share the same setting
     Range: 0-10s
     Display: alarm status showed in data screen 
     Alarm record: display the alarm info in alarm list screen 
◆ 24VDC power output
     Loop: 1
     Output voltage: 24V±5%
     Max. output current: 60mA (overload protection: 90mA)
◆ Transportation and storage conditions
     Ambient temperature: -10℃-60℃
     Ambient humidity: 0%-95% (no dew)

Conditions for Running normally
Power supply: 100~240VAC / 50Hz
Ambient temperature: 0℃-50℃
Ambient humidity: 0%-85% (no dew)
Installation: indoor

Additional functions
◆ Analogue output (T1)
     Output: 4-20mA
     Number: 1
     Allowance impedance: ≤750Ω
◆ Alarm output relay (/J2)
     Output number: 2
     Contact capacity: 3A/250VAC, 3A/30VDC
     Contact type: normal open 
     Relay act: Or type (can be shared by multi-channel)
◆ Communication (R/S) 
     Type: RS-232 (R) or RS-485 (S) 
     Protocol: Modbus-RTU (slave) 
     Baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/ 115200
     Byte swap: 2-1 4-3, 1-2 3-4, 4-3 2-1, 3-4 1-2

Outline & mounting size (unit: mm)



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